How to write keyword rich articles for amazing keyword ranking in seo

The search engine optimization industry places critical importance on the improvement of an page’s keyword ranking on the lists of search engines. In order to attain that, a deep and comprehensive understanding of the workings of search engines is very important. Whenever SEO industry people discuss the optimization of a website, the work that needs to be done may include the editing the HTML coding, the title, the meta’s and associated content to increase keyword ranking, it relevance to certain keywords. This aspect of SEO activity is the one that this article will concern itself with.

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How to write keyword rich articles to improve seo and keyword ranking


To rank high in search engines, we need to include phrases or keywords that Web users often enter into search engines. This will result in increased traffic to the site and it is the aim of this article to give a few tips that SEO writers can use to write better keyword rich articles for keyword ranking.

Writing a keyword rich article title is beneficial to your article, but is it possible to balance SEO article writing with writing that also appeals to human readers?


If you follow the techniques and advice in this article, you will be creating titles that make sense, grab the reader’s attention, and accurately portray what your article is about.

Here’s where many people go wrong:

They write their article, then they say: “Now I need to figure out a way to get my keyword phrase into my title.”

Sometimes this after thought approach works, but most of the time it doesn’t. When you create your article and title and then backtrack and try to get your keyword phrase in your headline, the result often looks unnatural and does not make sense.

Here’s the trick

Do the opposite. Instead of finishing by trying to force your keywords into your already constructed article and title, use your keywords as a beginning point. Take your keyword phrase and brainstorm some natural sounding titles that incorporate that phrase. Then, write an article to satisfy the title.

Keyword rich articles are the articles that can easily get indexed in search engines and can prove to be profitable for your online blogging business blogs and keyword ranking. It has the capability to get you on the top of the search engines in no time at all. With your effective articles and content writing skills, you can get brilliant web exposure soon that can attract more and more customers towards your online blogging business blogs.

You can build up a brand and credibility for your expertise, services and products with article marketing. Brilliant articles rich in keywords with the added spice of article marketing can enhance your business profits very well.

People generally find it easy to write articles on their particular niche. But when talking about keyword rich articles it is a matter of content writing skills that you gain with more and more practice.

There are few articles on internet that you can find loaded with top keywords and are indexed high. But people do not read them at all because of its keyword stuffing and unread-ability. These articles are only written for keywords and get wasted when people do not care to read them.


Know where to use your Keywords for best keyword ranking

Whenever you are creating your pieces, it is vitally important to know exactly where the best location for your keywords are. For starters, you will want to make sure the keyword is located in the title. Since this is the first thing a search engine will look at when it is choosing to rank your content, having it here is a great idea.

Throughout your content you will also want to use your keyword phrase a few times. Start by including it in your first sentence as well as your last sentence. You will also want to use it one or two times throughout the piece. Also, bolding the keyword is actually helpful at times. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. When you put your keyword in the content too many times, you will get penalized for it.


Decide on keywords and related terms

Now we’re actually getting more specific for keyword ranking! To decide which keywords to use (and this can be more difficult than you think), consider what others are doing. Can you identify the way your competitors are going about writing keyword-rich articles? What titles and phrases are they using? Look for the related terms all throughout their articles and consider incorporating something similar into yours. Remember, to be the best, you must learn from the best, so do not hesitate spending some time understanding how those top-ranked posts came to be.

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