How to promote a blog and marketing tips to promote a blog

Blogging now a days developing as a career choice for many individuals right from an early age. Many individuals have quit their regular jobs and successfully pursued a great career through blogging. Some Probloggers have really inspired many people of all age around the globe to choose blogging as their prior career option. But, blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you consider every blogger on the globe, the success ratio of bloggers is quite low compared to the failures. A important aspect of blogging is blog promotion and here are some blog marketing tips to promote a blog.

marketing tips to promote a blog


Blogging seems to be very easy but the competition and the creativity that goes behind the art of blogging, not everyone is successful at this mighty career choice. There is no intention of mine to demoralize you as a blogger. Just want to say is that blogging also requires good amount of hard work, blog marketing focus, determination and positive attitude as any other career choice. So think twice before entering into blogging.


How to promote a blog, blog marketing tips to promote your blog


Blog commenting

There’s a good reason why commenting on other people’s blogs is often listed first when talking about how to start getting traffic to your own site. Comments express your views, and allow you to introduce yourself to new audiences and create connections with bloggers and other readers directly.

Look for the blogs that already have the readers you’re trying to attract, since those blogs have already  succeeded at what you’re trying to do. And also look for other bloggers who are almost at the same point in their growth as you are. These peers will grow along with you one of the best marketing tips to promote a blog, creating a great blog marketing network.

Keep doing this and you’ll soon get on the blogger’s “radar” opening up lots of other opportunities for yourself and your blog. And you’ll be surprised at how these little links in the comments can turn into rivulets of traffic back to your own blog and promote a blog.


Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness

Your content isn’t finished once it’s written or created. You have to enhance its attractiveness to readers. For that ensure that your audience can associate your content with your organisation or niche. Among the elements to consider are colors, voice, text presentation, sounds, language and visual representation. Content optimization is the most important step to get noticed and hence an important marketing tips to promote a blog.

Focus each post or piece of content on a keyword phrase, be sure to include both internal and external links, and add appropriate search-friendly text to non-text content. Engage readers by making it easy to read your content. Break your content into bite-sized information chunks, use bold type to guide readers who are skimming to grasp the sense quickly and use images to attract attention.


Marketing tips to Promote a blog through forum posting

Group discussion sites to promote a blog are evolving online day by day, and we should grow along with them. Because we want to be where the conversations about our topic of interest are taking place, where people are gathering specifically when thinking about this topic.

List of free dofollow forum posting sites to Increase high authority Backlinks

Forums are still active online, and making the expert comments there to help other posters or commenters which can enhance your reputation and will definately promote a blog. You also have a marketing opportunity in the signatures forum software allows you to create, so don’t forget to link back to your blog in your signature as it can be a one of the best marketing tips to promote your blog.

Now there are lots of discussions happening in social media. Active groups with rich social media connections are available on LinkedIn, Google+, and various other platforms. Locating the right groups for you and contributing valuable content will attract more readers who want to see what else you have to say on the subject.


Acknowledging People

Remember, communication is a two-way flow. As a blog owner, it is easy to get stuck into a one-way flow. You talk and you imagine some anonymous glob of people out there listening.

For you to really connect and create real communication, it must be a two-way flow. This means:

You get people to talk back to you. When they talk to you, you always acknowledge them.

A lot of new bloggers get a little deflated when they don’t get much – if any – blog comments. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. What you should do is be an active part of the conversation wherever it happens to take place. If it isn’t on your blog comments, fine. Wherever it does happen, be there.

You need to actively facilitate two-way communication, regardless of where it resides. To get people talking to you, you should pose questions, ask them to reply. Simply start conversations. Once again, if it isn’t on your blog comments, then just go where people are. If it is on a Facebook group, fine.


Promote a blog by Guest posting

Guest posting, is one of the very powerful tool in helping to grow and a one very good marketing tips to promote a blog, an author platform, and reputation.

Many blogs have different submission guidelines for guest authors, and most bloggers are happy to consider articles from legitimate authors within their field. If you’ve created a connection or established a relationship with the blogger beforehand, it will be much easier for you to get your article considered for publication.

When you blog as a guest on someone else’s site, they are handing you the responsibility and trust. Make sure you’re very familiar with the content on the blog and the kinds of questions readers ask in their comments. And be present around to answer questions, and promote the post through your own network.


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