How to add rel Nofollow tag to a link for seo of blog

One of the basic rules of SEO is to give more importance to important posts by keeping it Dofollow and keeping other links as rel nofollow tag.

By default, any WordPress blog or BlogSpot blog adds Dofollow attribute whenever we add any link. Now, when we are linking to any site, and we don’t want to pass the link juice, we use the Nofollow link attribute. This will help to transfer the link juice to correct domain.

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Link building is one of the best practices in search engine optimization (SEO). When a website contains your site’s link, in terms of search engine score, it’s a plus point for your site. The generic term you’re probably looking for is ‘backlink’.

nofollow rel Nofollow tag


Sometimes you don’t want to add additional Google Juice to Affiliate or marketing link. There’s an easy solution. Use the nofollow tag. Google won’t follow the link, and you’ll remain in good standing with the search engine.

In most cases, linking directly to another site isn’t seen as a problem as search engines will assume you’re sharing a post you like or linking to a site that has some relevance to your own content.

The problem arises when Google assumes you’re only adding links to your site to make money, such as adding affiliate links or accepting paid links from other website owners without adding any real value for internet users.

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Google doesn’t have a problem with sites containing product affiliate links, as long as there is plenty of useful content displayed along with those promotional links. However, if Google assumes your site is spammy and provides very little value to your visitors, then your site will be penalized.

Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to an affiliate link offers a great way to avoid the potential of having your SEO efforts penalized. By leaving the link visible to search engines, but adding the appropriate attribute, search engines like Google should ignore the link for SEO purposes.


When should you use rel nofollow tags links?


There are two general cases where you should use nofollow links:


1. Use rel nofollow tag when you don’t want to give the site a vote of confidence

By linking to a site, you are showing Google that you trust this site, basically that you vouch for them. If you link to spammy, untrustworthy sites without marking the link as nofollow, then you can actually hurt your own rankings with Google. For this reason, it is worth your while to mark links as nofollow if you are unsure of the quality of the site.


2. Use nofollow when you have any type of paid relationship

Google obviously wants their search results to be as relevant and as good quality as possible. This means that they discourage and penalise people who pay for links as this can create search results that don’t display the best quality websites. They want you to tell them when links are paid by marking them as rel nofollow tag.


How to add rel Nofollow tag, a href no follow Attributes to a link?


By default your link look like this

<a href=””>Blog</a>

To make it nofollow, simply add an attribute Nofollow to the link

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Blog</a>


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