4 Best social media management tools which can ease your management for social media

Social media can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. Creating content, scheduling shares, engaging with followers, repurposing content, sharing others’ content, community management… This list is never ending and could go on forever. Social media management tools can be used to manage some of your tension.


social media management tools


The way to effectively manage social media at scale is with the use of some social media management tools that can improve your efficiency, and over time get you some better results.

The social media management tools we discuss below help you with that. Many of them have similar features, however they are all different in terms of the best ways to use them.


4 best social media management tools





If Twitter and/or Instagram are your social media platforms of choice, SocialRank is a tool that can be really helpful for you. With this solution, you can have access to a variety of features for identifying, organizing and managing your followers.

SocialRank helps in the following ways:

  • Segments your followers based on a variety of criteria, like most valuable, most engaged, best followers and most followed.
  • Filters your followers to target the right people at the right time.

After you locate those who can help you spread your message through social shares, you can take action by doing the following:

  • Sending direct messages
  • Exporting to CSV and PDF
  • Building lists
  • Saving searches




HootSuite is a social media management tool which helps improves productivity that allows users to schedule and post updates to any pages or profiles of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and others and all that from one place.

When you sign up, you are essentially given a dashboard with tabs organizing all the social profiles you want to connect to HootSuite. If you have a lot of social profiles to take care of, streamlining all of those profiles into one simple system can help save you a lot of time.

If you’re posting the same thing across five profiles, you can post it once through HootSuite and select the profiles where you want it published, and it will publish it on all five profiles at once. Here is a custom coupon for keepbloggin users.




Buffer allows users to schedule posts sent through the application to the user’s social media accounts. This feature can schedule and send posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, App.net and Google+. There are various default timeslots in the application, which are based on the times during the day when social media users are most active online. However, Buffer does allow its users to mend or remove the default timeslots if they wish to do so .

The free version of the application allows a maximum limit of 10 posts to be scheduled at any given time, and only allows the management of one social media account per social media website. Buffer also contains features that give post suggestions to users, and gives information on the number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions and potential views each post has, which is based on the number of feeds that single feed would show up on.




Sprout social stands out among these three platforms as by far the nicest designed. The analytics it gives you for your social engagement and other metrics are all very well presented. You can flag messages as complete, mark them for future follow up, or even flag individuals as potential sales. It’s great at the team membership level, so you can assign important tasks to individual people. The team integration and tracking is top notch

Sprout Social has four plan tiers, all of which start off with a 30 day free trial.

The lowest tier is Deluxe, which gives you the all in one social inbox, the profile/keyword/location monitoring, publishing tools, scheduling tools, a content calendar, basic reporting, data exports, and up to five social media profiles, all for $60 per month.

The second tier is Premium, which includes all the deluxe plan plus their helpdesk, social publication timing, Google Analytics, trend reports, engagement reports, and up to 10 profiles for $100 per month.

The third is the Team version, which includes all the premium plus content tagging, workflow integration, advanced keyword monitoring, a dedicated account rep, and up to 30 profiles. It also allows you a team of up to 3 users, all for $500 per month.

The top tier is the enterprise tier, which varies in pricing based on your needs, but is going to be pricey.


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